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For those of you who prefer to do your own taxes, DataView Tax Service offers you our online tax preparation. For as little as $28.00, you get everything – federal, state, and e-filing. There are no hidden costs for additional states or forms. 

Easy: Answer simple questions, get just the forms you need. 

Quick refunds:  E-file and direct deposit for faster refund - as quick as 8 days! 

Try for free:  Finish and preview your return for free. 

No credit card needed:  You have the choice of paying for your return from your federal refund (direct deposit, bank account, and federal refund required). 

The best deal on states:  Add state preparation for one low fee, which includes as many states as you need. 

Supported:  Detailed screen help, with unlimited e-mail support always available. 

Comprehensive:  Supports all states with income tax, and 100+ federal forms. 

Safe:  Your data is protected by SSL encryption.


When you are ready to start your tax return just 

"Click Here To File Your Taxes Online”


or click on the banner over in the right hand column of any of our web pages that says "Click Here To File Your Taxes Online". 



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Do Your Own Taxes