DataView’s Refer-A-Friend Program

“I Want To Give You An Extra $30 Bucks For Just Telling 3 Of Your Friends About DataView Tax  Service!”

Terry Sustar
President, DataView Tax Service, Inc.


Since you are a part of our family of tax customers, you’re going to want to tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about DataView. Well, not only do I want to thank you in advance for spreading the word about our tax business, but I want to help the process along, too!

As a DataView customer, you’re eligible to participate in our “Refer-A-Friend” Program. Our referral program is simple and we even offer CASH MONEY as an incentive!

DataView will give you a clean crisp $10 bill for every new customer you send our way!

Here’s what you need to tell them:

If they are interested, and they were NOT a DataView customer last year, all you have to do is fill out one of the “Refer-A-Friend” slips with your name, address, S.S.#, etc. (and make sure they add their name and S.S.#) and send them down to our tax office.

If your friend uses our income tax services this year, we’ll send you $10 cash. (If three of your friends use DataView, you’ll get $30 bucks! If four you get $40!! There’s no limit!!) IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Plus, to make this offer a good deal for everyone, we’ll even give your friend an incentive to choose DataView, too!

New Referred Friends Receive $10 OFF Any Income Tax Service For Choosing DataView! Just Click Here to get a printable Refer-A-Friend Coupon to give to your friends!!